Monday, May 6, 2013

Spread happiness around for no particular reason..........

We are all dogs. We all love to rush to meet and greet the people we love. We love to be hugged, petted, have our hair ruffled, have someone caress us gently as we lie peacefully. We all love it when someone gives us a treat, we love to have our food served to us and some of us love to prance and jump and spread happiness around for no particular reason...(just that social norms teach us otherwise)....Yes, in more ways than one, deep down we are all dogs.

Each passing day, I feel, we all need to go back to being just that.. honest about our feelings towards other human beings, being able to say openly HUG ME, I need to be touched and petted and being generally happy in life with just a few toys and a bone {okay, knowing me, many of my friends will read much more into this (double-meaning-ed statement) ;)} The walk...yes, if you watch the olden movies (I know you have) Sherlock Holmes, Poirot, Miss Marple....everyone always happy and religiously going for a walk, just for the happiness of the walk and fresh air...not the exercise linked walk of today.....see, we are dogs, we are just forgetting we are.

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