Thursday, May 16, 2013

Recurring Thoughts

Whenever an unfortunate event occurs that reflects the deterioration of society, it is not so much an entire culture, or a people as a whole that is to be shamed...I rather feel how sad it is that the thoughts and tendencies of some individuals can mould the thinking processes of entire nations and populations.I felt that very sharply even as I read many criticisms shaming India as a nation for the much publicised Dec 2012 unfortunate rape event.I am currently in a country in-famous for paedophilia and where the Buddhist clergy are reportedly(I read one article on it almost daily in the papers here) raping minors in monastries. I think it is a shame to humanity whenever this kind of deterioration and erosion of moral-social fabric occurs, which breaks human-kinds backbone honestly.How is one to deal with the burden of our fellow-men's (socio-paths) sins, I wonder.Sometimes the sadness of these happenings envelope me on happy evenings and  make me sad.Today is one such evening....Beautiful lyrics are flaoting in my mind...."Jin raatob ki bhor nahin hai..aaj aisi hi raat aayee...."

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