Saturday, January 26, 2013

Of turtles,snoopy,dahlias,and timepieces.

To work productively is to live happily. For me the first rule of work is an aesthetic workplace. Pretty work-desks make for a tremendously happy work environment.The green and ochre turtle planter hosts a small cactus. The squeaky Snoopy guards the oh! so cute, wiggly tail yellow piggy bank.There's a tiny ceramic milk pot if you please and if you don't there is the Sula bottle which hosts a host of beaded flowers made in front of me at a fair by skilled craftsmen.More on those later. The lighthouse is a masterpiece from Baku, Azerbaijan,collected on my hubby's numerous travels.

and then  ladies and gentlemen.....there are the oooooh! so delightful.....oh! so fresh....The Dahlias!!!

Paintings find a place in my home just about everywhere. Here is one done by a senior artist Paramjeet Singh. Just love the texture and the print of the upholstery in the painting....don't you??

The timepieces are an heirloom from dear husband's paternal grandfather and the other extraordinary piece is a short play record of Queen's: I want to ride my bicycle...came to me as a gift from family in Boston.

I love collecting Snoopy and have him in all his 'avatars', the plastic Snoopy, the ceramic Snoopy, the cuddly Snoopy,the teddy bear Snoopy, the Santa Snoopy, the key chain Snoopy, the T-shirt Snoopy, the mug Snoopy :)) Snoopy!!  Do remind me to get the collection together and put up a post in honor of Schulz.Cheers.

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