Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sokha: the peaceful beach in Shihanouk's Ville, Campuchea

And then there are some days when the magnificence of nature makes one feel so very minuscule. Sokha Beach at Shihanoukville Cambodia is one such place.The saying...'take my breath away" was surely invented here.

Adore the trees with the strong sturdy roots....sometimes I wonder how these trees weather the storms of being in the midst of storms (funny grammatics!!)  which I am sure hit this ah-so-peaceful shore quite often.

And then my attention is drawn to my own rouges!! Here they are for your viewing pleasure too.I see that in this case too the roots are strong and sturdy.It sure helps to have 'em to weather the storms of this road we are all traversing..this road called LIFE!!
Cheerio! and happy dreaming of beaches oops! bitches!! as this is what they are pronounced as in this part of the world. Heheheheheh!

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