Monday, January 14, 2013

They say I have green think? :)

The magic of greenery is quite unparalleled.Of the greens, my favorites are the vines and creepers.When we moved to this house in 2009, the first vine I wanted on my back patio right outside my beautiful kitchen, was the 'koyali'. Till date I am unable to find it's English name!! if you know please to tell dear :). Well, the only problem was, it was such a delicate on earth was I to grow it?? Also with the hubby out of the country for the first two months of our having moved homes, and no gardener in sight, how was I going to manage putting the nails/support/thread what have you to support the twig of a vine!!? Out came the 'green-thinking cap' and off I sent my man-friday and uber helpful driver Pradeep (somehow, they don't make them so good anymore!!) to go buy me three tall bamboo sticks. This is what it looked like before (Picture One is of the house opposite,mine was exactly the same) and Voila!!! after the bamboos were in place, this is what it looked like Picture Two and Picture Three.

Picture One
Picture Two:With the Bamboos
Picture Three: How it looks from outside
So, maybe if you have many things to hang and want to have hanging baskets to deck up your garden or deck area, you could go with bamboo!! It looks great as it is wood, it is eco-freindly, it is easy on the pocket and it keeps the hanging garden at eye-level,so your beautiful seasonal flowers get all the care and affection they need.I also use my "bamboo hanging garden" as I call it, to hang lights, tea-lights, Buddhist prayer flags and what have you! My "bamboo hanging garden" is uber-cool and I even have had some neighbors put it up in their back patios...well, always did believe...."Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!" 

Uff!! my yumm! koyali vine :))

The stylish hanging tea-light holders..another story about these soon.

The lonesome bamboos below, on one foggy winter morning!

The lush vine from inside my room during the monsoons above and the picture below is my favorite spot to read the papers and art news each morning with my cuppa ginger chai!!

The art of the hanging baskets!!

If you will be kind and allow me the liberty, I would much like to discuss these beautiful Prayer Flags in my next or post-next post.They are magical in their properties and so healing!

 The pots that brighten up my mornings with the vine in the background happily perched on the sturdy bamboos!! :) Happy Bambooing your gardens folks.

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Braja said...

yes, you really do have a green thumb! The garden is nice and the pictures are a treat.