Saturday, January 10, 2015

Likh likh ke yaad karo: Write and write again to learn.

It's been a long time and now I'm coming back home...I've been away now, oh! how....

Happy to blog after a long break....

2014, an evening, and my 12year old is revising something. "Beta, (my dear child) I hear myself saying, do take a register (notebook) and write your answers till you know them well.This is the way to revise your lesson" 

Rewind  to 1987,  I hear his voice from somewhere "Praachi beta, likh-likh ke yaad karo": "My dear child, Praachi, write and write again till you have the lesson learnt by heart". How many long brown registers I filled up writing and rewriting my lessons. I still remember some of the answers by heart! Till date my father writes in his calligarphic handwriting...aaah how I love the small letters....a daily diary, of things he reads, of a new word he makes sure he learns each day. And I think I too do the same, well, let's be honest, in my case, on most days.

Writing in your own hand as opposed to the cut and paste culture of collecting information today....hmmmmm.

Here is a link to a good post I just read on Tumblr and it brought into perspective my above thoughts.In fact it inspired me to pen this note which was hidden somewhere in the crevices of the mind but was not finding the light of day.

Thank you Mr.Shin for the share :)

Well, here they are, the fabulous person who taught me to write regularly in my own hand, "Roz thoda-thoda likho": "Write a few lines each day" (the habit sticks to this day!!) and the person I insist write a little each day in her own hand :) Confusing eh? Oh! Well.

                     Happy writing folks! Till next time then!

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