Wednesday, April 17, 2019

To learn more question more...!!

To be able to answer the prompt in the given context: "Who should be a teacher" is to first teach our young ones what they should expect of the learning process and from the teacher.

Do we not need to first teach our children to respect a teacher and to understand that a teacher is meant to kindle the fire of learning in you, but the fire is your's to feed!!

Only if we were all to realize this basic fact that Socrates philosophized, learning and teaching would take on its true essence. 

Yes, the consumerist tendencies of the capitalist world somehow dictate the teacher too to be more and more inclined to the monetary gains of the profession but even so, to be able to bring back the altruism in the humane profession it is for us, the learners and the students to bring back the lost glory.

Teachers need to be (re) trained in empathy and the students too need to develop an attitude of                                                                              gratitude.

Taali ek haath se nahin bajati!! 

One can not clap with one hand. Both hands must come together to form a clap!!

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