Friday, October 9, 2015

..somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly....

Lennon Tribute- Lucy in the sky ft. Ilina & Ishrita

In a world riddled with hatred, insecurities and turmoil, a small contribution to peace from us comes in the form of children who are brought up appreciating the finer tendencies of the human nature. Loving the arts in all its manifestations, painting, literature, poetry, design, appreciating good music and contributing to the world by loving and respecting peace towards all fellow men and animals alike.I am proud to be one such parent....Here's a small tribute to a man who spread the message of peace and who imagined a world without boundaries hoping that all humans can live as one.We love you Lennon, and hope to take your message forward!

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Bindu Bhatt said...

Ishrita and Ilina have done a great job. Good to give children the environment to appreciate and create art.