Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Of earthen pots and Glucon-D

There are some nice people I know who love animals and birds and who love to do right by them and who post stuff about leaving water in earthen pots for the thirsty birds in the hot summer months on community boards and community mail messages. Sadly, I know some of them to be the very same people who are endlessly critical of the guards who walk the lawns the heat, the ladies who man the locality gates with no cooler or air-con, who are relentless in their cribbing about drivers, maids and laborers. Never does it pass  their caring minds that much as we need to care and provide for the voice-less animals and birds we need to look at the conditions of the people who work for us. As humans we need to provide too for the have-nots or the lesser privileged  So,this summer let's please offer that Glucon-D regularly to our house help,our maids, drivers, laborers  allow her/him the one day off to recover from the treacherous walks and work in our homes.Let us bring out the "earthen pots" and fill them up with our love for fellow human beings and not just birds and animals.Don't get me wrong.I too like birds and animals.And sometime when I am in a real vindictive, bitchy mood I would like to vent and bitch about one particular animal lover who for the love of animals stole my darling dog from my home!! Yes, I got him back only after ten days of........well, another time then....
Image credits: Raveendran/Agence France-Presse/Getty Images
Wikipedia cites the Earthen Pots as: Matki, (or Matka) is the Hindustani word for an earthen pot.It is used all over India, as well as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanks, as a home "water storage cooler". It has been in use since ancient times and can be found in houses of every class.


Braja said...

You really have a point here. We need to re-look at our priorities and values to find out where we are headed.

Have you ever wondered that the part-time maids who work in our houses to keep it clean do not get a day off in the week. But, we who have access to internet and post blogs from the comfort of our home typically have a weekly off and enjoy all the chai and biscuit thanks to them?

Braja said...

Yes, a good thought indeed and one which can be implemented.