Wednesday, May 22, 2013

You don't bring me flowers.....anymore...

Never did believe there was ever a need for an occasion to get myself a big bunch of flowers! The way I see it, nothing lifts the spirits like the fragrance and delicacy of the Lord's choicest creation.As a kid I read a story about a fairy who lived in a blue heel shaped flower.Still looking for that flower, yes, I am.Found bell shaped ones,cone shaped ones,round and flat ones but the fairy one Gosh! so till I do, I've realized I just have to keep looking.Means I just "have" to keep getting flowers :) Well, here are some beautiful bunches i clicked just for you at Avon, Connecticut on my travels Do be a darling and let me know if you happen to stumble upon my blue fairy flower, won't you?

Oh! and if you are on Facebook and would like to see some more swell paintings and pictures do visit my gallery under Tangerine Art Gallery.See you soon!!

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