Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Spa

It is not just the “teeth”; it is the “feet”. As a kid I wondered about the value of the round rough, heavy stone (actually it was a part of my grandma's wheat grinder, being used as a pumice stone) lying in the bathroom of our home. The shoe rack was in a space outside the bathroom, and after a tiring day out, when I would be putting my shoes on the rack, I would catch my dad humming and often rubbing his heels and the sides of his feet on this rough stone. Then he would come and sit on the bed outside, take the small towel kept neatly folded under the show rack and meticulously wipe each feet. Sometimes he would tell me, “Beta, you must wash your feet properly every night before retiring to bed.” But, seldom did I pay heed. But then, I had never been told this at school, or in the poems I learnt. It was always “Brush your teeth…brush them everyday and polish your shoes and wash your face but never ever scrub your feet, scrub them everyday”!!

And, by jove, it is the best thing my dad ever told me!! Just you try it Henry Higgins,just you try.Washed feet each night, it is the most relaxing state of being. The feet that have been dipped in a tub of warm soapy water, scrubbed clean feet, dried and creamed feet, every night, night after night and Aah! Blissful is the sleep. The tiredness, it just vanishes. And the mornings, they are with a zing in the feet and a spring in the stride. Try it my dears and you will not be the sorry.

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